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Kenneth Vendler is an IT professional living in Cincinnati. He grew up in northern Kentucky on a small farm without running water. During high school, he diligently considered going to seminary, but life had other things in store for him. He is part of a managed services provider (MSP) with some 50 client accounts with a presence in about half a dozen states.

His technical interests and expertise encompass a number of areas, including:

In his free time, Kenneth enjoys going camping with his wife and children. He is hoping to find someone willing to go winter camping with him, but has not yet found any takers. He grew up watching the Joy of Painting as well as Bill Alexander's The Magic of Oil Painting, and consequently has an avid interest in oil painting as well.

Reformed/Presbyterian theology is another area of intense interest of his, with particular regard to covenant theology, the Puritans, and the Regulative Principle of Worship. Some of his favorite extra-biblical theological works include Calvin's Institutes, Brakel'sThe Christian's Reasonable Service, and VanderGroe's The Christian's Only Comfort In Life and Death.

Præcipuus hominis finis est, Deum glorificare, eodemque frui in æternum.

Sometimes, all you can do is watch it rain.


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