Kenneth Vendler is an IT professional who lives in the Greater Cincinnati area with his wife and three children. Originally from rural Northern Kentucky, he grew up on a small 32-acre farm. His interest in computers started in elementary school when he was introduced to System 7 for the Macintosh. This interest continued into high school and eventually college.

After graduating high school, he tried out Sullivan University. It tried him out as well and they decided they weren't meant to be. He spent the next several years working a variety of jobs until he was persuaded to give college another try and enrolled in Ivy Tech Community College in August of 2006. Two years and sixty-something credits later, he completed his Associates degree in Computer Information Systems.

Kenneth's experience includes working in technology management for a K-12 organization for six and a half years providing end-user support, Windows server administration, 1 to 1 computer program oversight, backup and disaster recovery, and implementing Linux and other open-source technologies. He is currently a service manager with Prospera Solutions Group, a local IT managed services provider located in the Oakley/Hyde Park area.

His technical interests include: Windows server administration, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, backup and disaster recovery, and virtualization.

In his spare time, he enjoys camping, oil painting, and reading about Reformed theology.

Porro mundus praeterit, et cupiditas carnis ipsius; qui vero praestar voluntatem Dei, manet in aeternum

Sometimes, all you can do is watch it rain.


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